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Empower your readers to easily navigate to more of what they care about, published by you.

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Increase revenue

You produce incredible content. We help your readers see more of it. Double your revenue by doubling content consumption per reader. Elevate the metrics that matter such as visit duration.

Unlock new revenue

Productize and upsell premium in-feed formats that are currently monopolized by social media platforms. Monetize like never before with viewable yet non-intrusive inventory with precision keyword targeting.

Superior experience

What works for desktop doesn’t work for mobile. Deliver a superior mobile web experience that is both memorable and intuitive. Let Navi guide your readers to more of what interests them.

AI Powered Discovery

Navi is easy to implement and requires no ongoing technical burden. Our deep learning engine parses the context of each article and suggests the most context relevant Channels. The Channel hovers at screen side, always accessible, yet non-intrusive.

When tapped, the Channel’s newsfeed slides in as an overlay. Each Channel is dynamically updated with the latest articles and videos from you. You can also add and modify Channels, or add or pin cards within a Channel.

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Set it and forget it

Navi automatically catalogues your published articles and videos into the most relevant Channels. We use real time reader behaviour to optimize relevancy and clickthroughs.

Customize as you see fit

Curate your own Channels through an easy to use drag and drop dashboard. You can also instantly upload sponsored cards or CTA cards to multiple Channels.

View Analytics

View your readers’ journey on the analytics dashboard. See their interactions and time spent with your Channels and the cards within.

Activate Navi on your website

Integrating Navi on your website is as easy as pasting a snippet of code.

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